Engaging speaking style

Joseph’s speeches are inspiring, actionable
and delivers memorable calls to action for
any audience profile across a wide range
of industries and verticals.

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Speak . Inspire . Achieve

Learn the Skills of
Persuasive Communication.

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Speeches that will resonate with your audience

long after they have left the conference.

Solid Industry


& Passionate

yet profound

Meet Joseph Prabhakar

Joseph delivers inspiring and actionable speeches that engage the audience while educating them to deliver meaningful outcomes. Backed with rock solid experience from Silicon Valley, Joseph brings his result-focused style to keynote speaking aiding companies to transform their approach to everyday business problems.

I create the reality I live in. How about you?

Strategy and Execution have been the two defining pillars of Joseph’s two decades of industry experience. With executive leadership positions in Silicon Valley companies, Joseph is keenly aware of what it takes to build winning teams and companies.
Integrating startups with legacy corporations, running technology operations for the world’s largest payment processor and advising Fortune 50 companies have given Joseph the breadth and depth required of any executive in Silicon Valley.
As a passionate student of the theater and communication, Joseph has sought deep skills in the areas of non-verbal communication skills and storytelling.
Joseph combines his stellar corporate career with his passion for communication and storytelling to deliver intensely engaging speeches that educate and entertain at the same time. Joseph’s speeches are value driven to the point of addressing the businesses exacting needs while involving the sensory experiences of the audience.
Joseph is on a mission to motivate leaders to think critically different about how disruptive innovation can challenge their business models and how incumbent companies can prepare themselves for the onslaught of disruption.
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Real experience for Real Speeches. Inspirational speeches. Engaging stories. Transformative ideas. Crisp call to actions. Joseph demystifies complex ideas.

Keynote Programs Over two decades of executive leadership experience comes through in Joseph’s speeches on topics that include innovation, technology, communication and motivation. Backed with experience and told using powerful storytelling techniques, Joseph will capture the hearts and minds of the audience.

Disrupting the Status Quo

It is the name of the game. No matter the industry. Or the vertical. Companies that innovate are the ones that succeed and stay in business. Disrupting this innovation process is what has been the fundamental basis of startups all over the world. Joseph’s speech in innovation and disruption will revitalize the audience and their businesses to take a new look at the opportunities that are available in their respective industries.


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Connecting People and Things

The Internet of Things will change the way we interact with machines and how machines will interact with each other. The resulting dialog will further the human race in ways that we do not know yet. With the quantum of investments pouring into this one area, IoT is bound to change how we think about machines and their use to us. Joseph’s speeches on IoT will demystify the jargons that crowd this industry and challenge the audience to think in new ways to solve machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interactions.


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Making a Difference in the World

With a background in the technology industry across multiple domains, verticals and geographies, Joseph understands the essence of what makes the industries go around and function smoothly. From hands on experience in coding to running multi-billion dollar technology operations business, and integrating acquisitions with legacy corporations, Joseph is keenly aware of the challenges and opportunities that are available to large and small corporations and startups. His speeches will unlock the wisdom behind the complex world of technology and make it entertaining and educative for any audience.


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Increasing Productivity Through Smarter Application of Technology

With over two decades of leadership experience, Joseph has led teams of various sizes across verticals and geographies. With teams spanning multiple continents, Joseph has first hand experience in managing large, diverse global teams in technology and non-technology industries. The common thread amongst all of Joseph’s experience is his ability to use his communication and compassion to run highly motivated teams. Motivated teams are at the heart of a good business and consequently happy customers. Joseph’s speeches in leadership and motivation will leave any audience charged and enthusiastic about making positive change in their work places.


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Joseph Prabhakar at TEDx Joseph spoke about Learning to Tell My Story at TEDx Sacramento in September 2015 at San Jose

How the story you tell yourself can hold your life and career back? “Change your story. Change your life” Those stories that hold us back do not come in big shiny packages. Nor are they big and bold. The littlest belief, the tiny voice in the head, the habit that you repeat day after day without even realizing you are repeating it are the ones that play their roles in holding you back from progressing.

Video Watch Joseph’s videos to share his passion for the topics he believes in and speaks on.

Why Hire JosephWhether it is a keynote speech or a pre-conference workshop, Joseph engages, entertains and educates the audience with his brilliant performances time and time again. From memorable call-to-actions to inspiring the audience think in ways they have never thought before, Joseph adds a new dimension to the minds of his listeners.

Joseph motivates the audience to take action.
Joseph’s speeches are a brilliant combination of content, imagery and emotion.
Speeches the audience will remember, long after they have left the conference.
Real world experience
Real world experience
With over two decades of active experience Joseph presents real world scenarios and situations to deliver his point.
Engages, educates and entertains the audiences through powerful storytelling.
Every speech is custom created for the specific conference, audienceprofile, industry and vertical.
Purpose driven
Purpose driven
Speeches that align with the purpose of the conference and the values it is intended to achieve.
Every speech is custom created for the specific conference, audience profile, industry and vertical.
Value driven
Value driven
Delivering value for the time, effort, and resources that is invested by the audience, organizers and the business. Every single time.
Material that appeals to a wide variety of audience. From Motivation to IoT. From Leadership to Drone Technology.

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