“Joseph transports the audience into
the world he is describing.”

Meet Joseph

Powerful orator. Consummate storyteller

Joseph Prabhakar is a loving son, caring husband, doting father and a responsible citizen. Reader. Gardner. Cook. Someone who is grateful for the life he has been given. Joseph is a powerful orator, consummate storyteller, stellar executive coach, and someone who truly believes in empowering individuals. With 20+ years of solid experience in the Silicon Valley, Joseph has been through consulting, entrepreneurship and the grind of day-to-day work life.


Joseph’s programs are unique and powerful for a reason. Rather than simply deliver a speech on the topic, Joseph combines the topic at hand with techniques and best practices from the theatre, martial arts, presence and mindfulness research, positive psychology and neurosciences to create programs that are powerful, engaging and delivers immense value to his participants and clients. This results in speeches and workshops that are unique, entertaining, engaging and above all educative.


Why Hire Joseph

Whether it is a keynote speech or a pre-conference workshop, Joseph engages, entertains and educates the audience with his brilliant performances time and time again. From memorable call-to-actions to inspiring the audience think in ways they have never thought before, Joseph adds a new dimension to the minds of his listeners.

  • Inspirational
  • Engaging
  • Memorable
  • Real world experience
  • Storytelling
  • Content
  • Value driven
  • Actionable
  • Purpose driven
  • Custom Programs

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