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Keynote Programs

Disrupting the Status Quo


Building Adaptable Organizations


InnovationDisrupting the Status Quo

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It is the name of the game. No matter the industry. Or the vertical. Companies that innovate are the ones that succeed and stay in business. Disrupting this innovation process is what has been the fundamental basis of startups all over the world. Joseph’s speech in innovation and disruption will revitalize the audience and their businesses to take a new look at the opportunities that are available in their respective industries.

Building, Leading and Sustaining the Innovative Organization

Sustained innovation seems normal for some companies, while others hardly innovate at all. Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Pixar have been consistently innovating for years. What sets these organizations apart from those that have a hard time innovating? What are the key qualities that fuels innovation at all levels of these organizations? What breakthrough ideas do today’s business leaders need to adopt to create an organization that thrives on innovation? And how can these leaders continue to sustain this spirit of innovation while continuing to muddle through politics, technology change, and customer needs? Using case studies and examples, Joseph will motivate the audience to think through the idea of innovative organizations and leave them practical take aways to build a culture of innovation.


Key outcomes:

1.Understand the core philosophy behind the innovative organization
2. Identify the three tenets of an innovative culture
3.Walk away with tangible evidence from companies that have instituted a culture of innovation

Mastering Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation has been around, practiced and polished through the ages. From the Ford Model T to Autonomous Cars, from mobile calculators to cloud computing disruptive innovation has defined and shaped the industrial landscape for good. Given the rate of change, success of the 21st century organization is clearly and squarely dependent on its disruptive innovation capabilities to continue to exert market dominance over existing and more importantly unknown competition. In this intellectually stimulating talk, Joseph explores the nature of this unknown competition, aka disruptors, and the specific characteristics that make them nimble, aggressive and fearsome all for reasons that are antithetical to conventional wisdom. Joseph also, offers concrete ideas to incumbent companies to handle the onslaught of such disruption and what they can do to effectively evolve and survive disruptors.


Key outcomes:

1. Understand disruptive Innovation with examples and case studies that are industry and audience relevant
2. Identify three qualities that make disruptors so successful
3. Identify three strategies that incumbent companies can adopt to handle disruptors in their domain

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Joseph can customize his speeches on Innovation for specific domains and industries. In addition to the following topics, Joseph can custom create topics that focus innovation for a specific purpose, industry or need.

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Business AgilityBuilding Adaptable Organizations


The world of business is always in a constant state of turmoil and exponentially growing change – change, which is unpredictable, and competition that no longer comes from known or traditional sources.

Businesses have to learn to handle strategic change with agility and creativity, to take advantage of windows of opportunity that remain open for very brief periods of time. To move ahead means to be ten paces ahead of the fiercest competitor even while continuing to keep an eye on existing business practices and bottom-line revenue growth.

Agility is no longer an option. But, is the fundamental basis for existence in today’s world.

Strategic Agility – Thriving beyond Uncertainty, Risk and Chaos

Organizations constantly swing between a cycle of success and crisis, frantically trying to gain concrete footing only to lose it again. Expensive interventions and organizational change programs work for a period of time, before proving ineffective in an entirely different type of crisis. From learning to cope with one crisis to the next, the struggle is to constantly figure out the courses of action instead of building the capability for sustained success in-house.

Notable exceptions to this predictable cycle of anxiety at every known level of the organizational spectrum. From companies that have thrived for over a hundred years, to departments and groups that have outperformed their peers to individuals who are able to predict the next crisis and see around the corners – examples of sustained success exists amongst us.

A magic formula that encapsulates the success strategies of these winners would certainly be helpful. However, a precise formula is simply impossible to create, given the staggering differences in the industry, geography, leadership style, and type of uncertainty that could possibly hit any company. What is possible, however, is to build a set of capabilities that will ingrain a framework that will help face any uncertainty and be constantly vigilant for the telltale signs of complacency.

Infusing the Spirit of a Startup into Mature Organizations

The world of startups has always been fascinating. It evokes awe in those who admire the boldness that challenges tradition and dares the impossible. It provokes fear in those who feel threatened by the world-beating, take-no- prisoners attitude. And, it stirs envy in those who are jealous of the freedom and success that their employees seem to enjoy. This is especially true in the many “mature” organizations and businesses that were successful in the past, but now find themselves falling behind, and at risk.

Until now, mature companies have believed that they have to resort to drastic measures like sanctioning skunk works, doing spinoffs, or entertaining acquisitions to capture startup-like benefits. These typically end up being “grafts” that may provide localized benefit, but does not change the parent organization intrinsically. With concerted effort, it is possible to revitalize the workforce, introduce agility, transform from within and reenergize the organization to compete in the rapidly evolving marketplace.

In this speech, you will see that the spirit of a startup can be infused into all parts of a mature organization if it is approached as a set of “dynamic capabilities” that can be built systematically.